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Ghiya Rushidat - Rouhani

30 Dec 2012

excerpts from Glasgow

Around 1 PM, waiting for my turn on the ATM line. Lady A forgets to take her money and walks away! 

Lady B from the nearby ATM machine giggles and points to her saying: "she forgot her money, right?" I reply in affirmative, take the money (£ 10) and walk towards her to give it back. *chivalry sheeshany*, she thanked me and went on her way.
When I come back I heard Lady B saying to her friend: (what a nice man). 

End of story! :)
It`s a Sunday noon, i.e. the day after a party night.
But still, forgetting yr money! The ATM`s noisy reminder should be more than enough to make u snap out of (anything) u r in! 

*طربش: Well, not every1 is fixated on money like u ya haitham*

Oh, shut up!

The other thing that caught my attention is how is it considered more like a regular thing, for people to forget their money (or cards)! + to actually go after a person and give money back is something (BIG)! 

- sheehsany has a lot to learn in this city, it seems!

* كمان شوي أذان العصر 
مش متذكر إذا خبرتكو أو لأ عن إنو فيه وقتين لأذان العصر هون!

عصر 1 = 13:41
عصر 2 = 14:02 


الأول للمذهب الشافعي + الحنبلي 
الثاني للحنفي!

و تعلّم يا رعاك الله :) 

27 Dec 2012

excerpts from Glasgow

him (approaching): excuse me, excuse me

me: yes.

him: can u spare some coins for me

me: sorry (starts walking away)

him: but I heard some jiggling from yr pocket..

me (stopping and turning around to face him): so, u heard jiggling!

him: yes, plz give me some money

me: u mean this (takes keys out of pocket)

him: plz give me some money

me (putting keys back into pocket and just waiting)

him (approaching until we r almost face-to-face): give me a pound, now!

me (smiling and saying nothing, noticing his bad-breath)

him (reaching for his belt)

me (still smiling but not a word being said)

him (hearing his 2 friends laughing and calling him to hurry): turns around and just walks away

Nice story, ha! 

well, he has been drinking for sure, a little kid! I think he was no more than 20. It was a Saturday night and I was on my way to the nearby mosque and in a hurry because I was a bit late! He heard a jiggling and simply decided to come over and ask for some money! 

They do have a reputation for drinking at this city! Maybe I should`ve given him what he wants but I just didn`t! : stubbornness:  

I guess if he made any move I would have reacted, even with his 2 friends I guess they would`ve fled the minute they saw I`m not giving-in for their game. 

منيح اللي ما أكلنا قتلة! 


lessons learned: 
*never go through the rear street at night, especially if it`s on a  

** Stop playing hero and simply keep walking, don`t engage in 


قتلة : علقة ساخنة / ضرابة

24 Dec 2012

my fav. toy

اللي مش عاجبه ممنوع يلعب! 

و ها!

21 Dec 2012



نسيت أخبركو إنو اشترينا سيارة! 

أي نعم مستعملة 
بس ماشي حالها :)

أجل السواقة هنا ... إممممممممم مختلفة بس لسا ما دعسنا/دهسنا حدا :] 

طربش: يخرب بيتكو! صرتو شاريين سيارة!!
بس أولًا صورة للمخلوقيْن

ال 2 مريضان :(((  - لاحظ علبة الدواء. 

و السياااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااارة



19 Dec 2012

5 AM

What does a 5 AM mean to:
ما الذي تمثله الساعة ال 5 فجرًا لكل من:

طالب جامعي
university student

مأمور سجن



طفل: كنترول / جابي
bus ticket collector

What`s yr 5 AM like? & how would u like it to be!

13 Dec 2012

4 Dec 2012

اختصارات / تعريفات

 من وحي الإدارة الحقّة

CFO = Chief Fraud Office

CEO = Chief Embezzlement Officer