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Ghiya Rushidat - Rouhani

5 Nov 2014

Two Blind Sisters See for the First Time

I know there r cameras strategically positioned
I know there is a captivating music to go along
I also know it is for a good cause

But, shall we not forget, that apart form all this, what -also- is.. this... is
it is real

maybe someone in your own neighbourhood, if not the same block, needs a small, big-arching, favour

it might not be as critical as an eye operation, much less than a 300 dollars
*always in dollars mind you, but that is a topic for another day*

this is real, happening in spite of all the scripted lines/scenes

we r all one, no matter how hard we push that thought afar

the feelings that shall sprung out of you are a vibrant proof

*minute:2:44 is a moment that I will stay with me for a long, long, time - she was struck by not just light, by images, images of sounds & imaginations she had dreams as well as nightmares about*

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