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Ghiya Rushidat - Rouhani

29 Oct 2014

Excerpts from glasgow

Hiyam wearing glasses for the 1st time

mixed feelings, mixed feelings indeed

16 Oct 2014

excerpts from Glasgow - في عيد ميلادي الميمون المجنون أو المشحون أو ربما المأفون!

I am -by numbers' logic- older today
older but definitely not wiser !

Ever thought why we care so much about the exact day of our birth date (or even certain numbers, like 5 or 10, and their multipliers)? isn't it a bit weird to be so inclined to such "figures" and attach meaning / symbols / etc to them ?

طربش: no, we do not! Go take your vitamins you old bag 

Anyhow, happy birthday to me, I guess,! I hope u all r doing OK

* why don't we celebrate the day that marks the third or fourth day of our coming to this Planet! I bet we looked -and even smelled- a bit better than when we first arrived!

In my birthday number 35 I am a lot of things, I am also a lot of things less than i used to but probably the most significant is I am a father once again!

Meet Hana, she is 43 days old today and 5 days old in the picture