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Ghiya Rushidat - Rouhani

14 Nov 2013

A New Perspective For Moms


7iberالنظام لا يعمل - 7iber

7 Nov 2013

The REAL truth about Palestine in response to Danny Ayalon


4 Nov 2013

نواب يوثقون تصويتهم بكاميرا الهاتف


1 Nov 2013

Uncle Jed - Family Band - Australia's Got Talent 2013 - Audition [FULL]

I`m 99% against such shows ,but .. there is always  that silver-lining "BUT" in almost everything..

I can`t get over the lyrics / performance / emotions of & from this one!

* a friend posted this via twitter like 2 months ago and I`m hocked, simply hocked on it!

** if u shed some tears over this, it is okay, it IS okay ..