16 Apr 2013


Tomorrow we have an annual performance review thingy! 

I`m not that prepared to be honest! We are in our 7th month of study but they have changed the procedure and the reviews are in April now rather than in September! 

All what I got (basically) is a literature review and I know for a fact that the panel assigned to us will hit us here & there, I just hope I manage to keep my mouth shut! 

I`m the last one in my group, at 4.30, for half an hour; 15 min.s presentation, 15 for discussion. 

Any last minute brilliant tips/ideas,, just hit me! :D  "offering ka3ik is not an option btw" :P

طربش: well, u can always use the secret weapon; crying! one can never go wrong with tears. 

"Thanks for nothing 6robsh!" 



* The other day I noticed that G-reader is no longer there on the G+! :(

I guess they are colliding with my solitude path or something. 
U guys are absent & lazy 3a fikra!