16 Apr 2013


Tomorrow we have an annual performance review thingy! 

I`m not that prepared to be honest! We are in our 7th month of study but they have changed the procedure and the reviews are in April now rather than in September! 

All what I got (basically) is a literature review and I know for a fact that the panel assigned to us will hit us here & there, I just hope I manage to keep my mouth shut! 

I`m the last one in my group, at 4.30, for half an hour; 15 min.s presentation, 15 for discussion. 

Any last minute brilliant tips/ideas,, just hit me! :D  "offering ka3ik is not an option btw" :P

طربش: well, u can always use the secret weapon; crying! one can never go wrong with tears. 

"Thanks for nothing 6robsh!" 



* The other day I noticed that G-reader is no longer there on the G+! :(

I guess they are colliding with my solitude path or something. 
U guys are absent & lazy 3a fikra! 


  1. best of luck!! use a fake accent so they know you are not that brilliant LOL and go easy on you..

    not that you need it :) you can do it Haitham.. best of luck to you!

    1. lol @ fake accent, well, 2 of the panel r foreigners (singaporean& russian) , one american and the last one is a native scottish

      I GUESS all accents are fake compared to what I`m facing , hehe

      Thanks Aseel :)

  2. You are more than ready, show them what you got and be your best..Relax, and if I were to give you one tip it would be to speak slowly and clearly. I tend to speak fast and my sentences become all jumbled up when am nervous which makes my accent even worse looool

    As for google reader, I noticed the same which is very annoying. True I am the laziest of all, but I get so annoyed when you guys are lazy !!!
    GOOD LUCK ..:)

    1. The laziest of them all :O , commenting!! laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
      ktheer haika :P

      Thanks a lot Noura, I think the bloggery world is.. well, is fading away :(( hope not but seems so.
      Would u believe Noura that talking slowly is a note with a (major) highlighter on my printed put papers :), so I won`t forget it. I tend to speak fast too, in all three languages that I know (who`s bragging :D?) so u can imagine when there is some pressure how already speedy one could go!

      Thanks again.

  3. بالتوفيق يا رب
    لا تقلق صلي ركعتين و اقرأ بسرك و جعلنا من بين ايديهم سدّا و سمّي و توكل على الله....اذا ضل حد صاحي لتخلص اكيد راح يلاقوك مبدع :)

    انت قدها و قدود ان شاء الله :)

    لا تنسى تحطلنا صورة عن العلامات علشان نوقعها :)

    1. Thanks Whisper :)

      EnshaAllah khair.

      There are no grades/points , just if the panel sees the progress unsatisfactory then u r under probation, other wise u just progress until the next year review.
      Kind of formalities but still makes u nervous because u don`t know exactly what to predict, being it the 1st time and all.

      سأقضي عليهم!

    2. don`t u worry um el whisper. I`m on him like a hock o kaman ظبع also :D

      *** u know he`s just being a pathetic attention-seeker, don`t ya! Akeed u do :) ***

  4. Since this is less than a year review I think they just want to make sure you are working on something. Summarize each paper in your literature review. Know the pros and cons of their method. In your presentation, try not to overwhelm yourself or the audience. You don't have to list or talk about everything you read.
    I don't know exactly what they are looking for in this review but I would suggest that your presentation include how you can extend or improve the methods you read in the literature review. That is what direction, or the research concentration, you are taking for your PhD.
    Allah Ma3ak wal beltawfeeq.

    1. Thanks Malik, neat tip indeed.
      I have constructed it in a way that captures a quick review of what I have read + (what`s next) thingy :)

      I have 15 minutes only, and I have never been good at converging things, I`m much better at diverging and prolonging stuff :D

      Yeslamo ya Malik.

  5. It seems I missed that part that says "tomorrow". So I think my comment was too late :)

    1. :)
      I can use that for my next review ;)

  6. Good luck, knock them dead!

    1. Thanks raino.
      It was a 50/50 knock out, maybe 60 / 40 at best! :)

  7. Replies
    1. و الله يا كيالة إني خبصت شوي!
      بس الحمد لله - أسبوعين و بيطلع تقرير تفصيلي بالنتائج :)



    1. Thank you so much Farouk,
      الحمد لله دائمًا و أبدا أكيد :)

  9. is it too late to wish you good luck ? x
    naaaaaah, good luck now and ever friendy

    1. Not too late at all
      مين يصحلو دعوات أصلًا :)
      الحمد لله
      النتيجة طلعت و قرروا غني شبه شطور و بستاهل أكمل للسنة الجاي (المصاري ما دخلها بالموضوع أبدًا إطلاقًا البتة ههههههههههه)