8 Jun 2014

excerpts from glasgow - pics & videos

all occurrences occurred today, Sunday the 8th of June 2014 between 9 & 10 AM local glaswegian time

I don't like dogs much, so I am definitely a supporter for this :)


a young man exercising
pssssst u guys, the women exercising pics r u_know_where

basketball ,, no one likes it apparently on a Sunday

7alal mariages ! ok, I can die in peace now, I've seen it all

hiyam school's gate that leads directly to the park
!"which they go very often"

hiyam school's "official" gate

glasgow uni's main gate

where the journey ends

thE bike

thE bag

the photographer

* the 7alal sign is for food of course :)

** yes, I am wearing sunglasses! It only rains 300 days a year here.. lol


  1. As much as I like visiting the UK, Ireland and Scotland I don't think I will enjoy the weather. I like it sunny, sunny, sunny...
    Thanks for sharing these photos and videos but wish to read more about it.

    1. Thanks Malik.

      I have some drafts that I shall post soon ensha Allah

      The weather is fluctuating for sure in this part of the world. Today we had sunshine for like 2 hours and now rain for the past 3!


      I don't know how people -who r not residing here- get used to it and actually enjoy such turbulence

  2. طالما أحن أن اكون هنا
    بين الربوع التي اشتاقها

    لك مني دوما كل الود والتقدير

    1. موسم الحنين الى التدوين بدا ...كلنا حانين هالايام يا حنووون

    2. indeed
      but the quantity of 7anooners is low

      ppl r asleep