worldcup, germany, emotions, and you

Dear Bro

Germany won the worldcup yesterday
I am certain you would have loved it

I wish we had the chance to watch it together
I would have, probably, lectured you on how it is better to be a practitioner rather than a viewer. Also, how is it as you DO more of the sport you would eventually appreciate more how insignificant it is to be a fanatic viewer 

But, still, I would have loved it to listen to you lecturing me on the latest tactics, names of the hot-shot stars, and how the latest transfer rituals between famous clubs took place

!It would have been awesome

I watched every goal Germany scored in this worldcup, I even watched the final match -thanks BBC- and shared the experience with you as you were next to me, I know you were not but that is OK, I felt good doing that make-believe anyway

Germany won, you would have liked that in your 25. You were a really good footballer and had a good taste with the ball and although you were a small built boy you were always there to make the important jumps, tackles, and runs

I remember how secretly I used to watch you playing with your friends each Friday afternoon, you were a captain and often you wrestled among a selected few on a leadership role on the field

You would have probably wanted to watch the match with your mates, so you guys comfortably swear & smoke but I would do anything to have you with me yesterday..

watching a match. A small wish yet so distant, so unattained

Germany won, modest pleasure in such cruel worldly times we are having

See you later

I love you and I miss you

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  1. I am sure you had lots of emotions watching the world cup. Glad you shared your feelings with us. I am sure it wasn't easy writing this post. I like it. There are certain memories that we can't let go. I don't know how it feels to lose a loved one but I am sure it hurts a lot.

    1. Malik, thanks you

      It wasn't easy but it felt, I felt!, good afterwards

      Life goes on and amongst this "going" is a remembrance and sadness involved

      Integral part of the package/cycle

  2. الردود
    1. شكراً للمتابعة

      الله يرحم جميع أمواتنا ويرزقنا كلنا الصبر

  3. also he would have been thrilled while watching the 7-1 Germany-Brazil match
    , as I was, thanks to the Israeli's Amos satellite broadcast

    الله يرحمك يا محمد و يجعل الفردوس الاعلى مأواك , ويجمعك بأحبتك في الجنة .

    1. he, probably, would have talked about it for weeks!
      made us watch it many times again too.

      thanks Naysan, thanks

  4. I absolutely have no words to say ..every june 9th it hits me ..الله يرجمه حمودة ..الله يرحمه ..