6 Jan 2011

...A task

I need 5 minutes of….of YOU!
     Here`s a thought that I have been    
     bugging ppl endlessly with 4 quite   
    sometime; it`s yr turn now :)
    I trust u all know 3ammo Google, he has a nice nephew named Google-translate.
This gorgeous little fella needs 5 minutes of yr time on a daily basis, please!

1 minute to log into the application + typing ANY word u like + finding its translation in Arabic

1 minute for reading the translation and figuring out a better one and sending it to Google

2 minutes for inserting a new word "in Arabic" into the application – easiest way to start is looking for derivatives of the word you originally started with :)

1 minute for sharing this task with some1 that u know s/he will do it

-       There r various ways to increase the Arabic content on the web, may be this is an easy neat and effective way to start (u can always try Wikipedia if u wanna) :)
-       English -not Arabic- might be thE prevailing lingo on the net; but it`s gr8 to utilize our language if we have the ability + willingness
-       I know this post would`ve been "cooler" and less hypocrite if it was written in Arabic :P

The end
Thx for yr 5-minute contribution :))))))))


  1. oh its really a good way to increase the accuracy , because its really sucks sometimes!

    good idea