7 Jan 2011

old-new postINGs :)

Here`s what I do:
Read the post, sometimes type it (I haaaaaaaaate skimming!), write mine, then read all comments, if I feel my comment does not add value; mostly I`d delete it. And ALWAYS I subscribe to the comments! May be just may be my current job makes it possible for me to do so, earlier in the days of my blogging (in 2004, well actually 2005 b/c in the first few months no1 really knew what/where/why/.. we were doing this … fad thingy) :D
At 1st, it was easiesh! Not that many blogs, we fought over who gets the 1st comment (b/c the nature of the blogs where so .. well.. so unilateral, if some1 beats u to it, s/he gets to say it all, period!)
I went on from being a shy blogger/co-blogger to being a heavy one from mid 2005 till nov. 2008! Then I just went "silent". Only observing gr8 bloggers and enjoying them, after nearly 18 months I decided to come back :) and I'm so ever happy I did.

Sadly to say I lost contact with many of the old-timers :( , I was "very" in touch with the Moroccan blog sphere, I co-blogged with 2 wonderful ppl there, one I still have as a reader here on this very blog :)
Concerning Jordan; the move from a few blogs to nearly ????? <= how many! :) was demanding (in lack of a better word) but I enjoyed every "post" of it :D really!
I`m happy to meet new gr8 ppl, I think I exist online more and more (which is not a scary thought after all) … the main reason for this entry is that I`m revisiting my old blog(s) entries; hence I decided to repost them (with amendments here and there)
So there u have it! More boringness from this Sheeshany :)
I moved to wordpress couple of months ago "too" but still this space feels more personal to me, I vowed to make the wordpress "apartment" a 50/50 thingy concerning personal/not-so-personal posts but here I feel more "comfortable" :)

-       What a blabber! But u ain`t seen nothing yet, consider yrselves warned E-friends :)


  1. yai,I'm excited!love ur blabs
    keep your vow!

  2. where did I read a post for you talking about Arabic on Internet...I loved it bs waino..wella ana m5arbesheh?0_O
    anyway if it was yours I loved it and loved the idea

  3. Waiting for all ur posts
    Ur blog is one of my favourites i always check to c if u hv anything new posted
    Keep it up
    We really enjoy every word u rite

  4. If I can read in ARABIC, I would be your number 1 follower, but, unfortunately, i can't... I must practice my Arabic. Shame, I lived in UAE all those years and never really learned. More sad, im Muslim and I don't really know.. Inshallah khair.. P.S. Im happy your back doing what you love!!!!!

  5. I know I will regret publishing this but what to do... yalla 5ally rasak ykbar

    It is our luck that u decided to return back to blogging ... our "good" luck of course:)

    Waiting for ur posts

  6. its my pleasure to be here..to meet ur blog..ur simple words with deep meanings..
    realy i like everyth here

  7. raino: thx a lot :) - I`ll try to!
    do u mean an audio post "in Arabic" or what?

    tareq: :) yr words r so generous 4 sm1 like me tareq, thx a bunch!

    Texan: what a pleasure to have u in my modest space :)

    Arabic is a hArd language! But such a sweet one. I think it`s worth the trouble to learn it vividly :)

    Thx 4 yr "visit" :)

    whisper: mosh gader agdar asta6ee3 ,, rasi keber ktheEr o 7a awga3 shikly :P , thx whisper, coming from u it mean a lot "I didn`t say 3amto, nana btw ,, wa5da bal 7adritek :) - opps ,, I just did!"

    zainah: thx a lot zainah, it means a lot to me Wallah.