6 Jan 2013

The Arrivals pt. 10 (The New Worldly Order)

I claim that I`m aware of much of the controversies of this series, it has made generalizations, it has made things evolve out of context, and -also- it is using a medium that it some sort of denounces, all this and more is true and valid. Nevertheless, I shall just post 2 clips of it, 2 that really made me think and rethink.The first one is
something we can all relate to, conspiracy-theory addicts or not, it`s a 10-minute long clip and if u don`t have the time I just urge you to watch from minute 6 onward.

The life-span/cycle we r leading is ,, well it`s just not right! Regardless if you insert beliefs, religion,etc into it. 

I, as many of you I presume, have been reflecting on a life style and wondering over and over again why am I 
still pursuing this? 
For what purpose! Am I in control or not
And till when I`m going to go on like this.

The details embodied in this video are ones that I saw/lived/struggled with for almost 10 years of my life, if not more! I still don`t have a satisfying answer, an answer that I`m still hoping to find an applicable, seeing-it-through, type of answer + steps for accomplishing on a regular basis.

* how lame to write all of this in English! But I`m really tired, my 
   eyes hurt and can`t switch between translating windows right now 

** I have watched this series -in full- twice!

*** 2nd clip = to be blogged soon 


  1. طيب خلص والله لاحظر السيريز كله
    أكلت جمجمة راسي يا زلمه

    بعيدن تعال جاي ..
    هاي القراية اللي بتقراها ..
    أحنا موديينك على آخر ما عمر الله ..
    وبندفع عليك دم قلبنا ..
    وانتا قاعد هناك دايرلي على مَرَاقِع فُقَّسْ ..

    مَرَاقِع فُقَّسْ = قصص هايفه
    دايرلي = بتلاحق ورا
    آخر ما عمّر الله = اسكوتلاندا - غلاسغو
    دم قلبنا = ولا تعريفه، إحنا بنصرفش عليه
    إحنا = قبيلة الايكوسانات المشاطيب
    :@ = سمايلي معصب تعصيبه نص نص

    1. أنا بطلت عن الجماجم من فترة ، حولت على أحداق العيون.. نكهة أقوى
      وين آجي؟ عالصحرا! العب غيرها
      أني حظرتّها زمان! أيام السعودية (عأساس حقبة مهمة في التاريخ الإنساني و الكل فاهم شو يعني "أيام السعودية" )
      قراية مييييين! أنا جاي أتعلم الحياة من جديد هون (تكبييييييييييير)
      احنا! مودينك! دك قلب"نا" .. يا سيدي اللي بيعطيني راتب يقطعه (على رأي إخوانّا المصريين)
      مَرَاقِع فُقَّسْ = يعني بالله إنك حطيتّا بالتشكيل = صارت أسهل!! يا خرابي... 20 واحد حيبطلوا ييجوا هون من ورا هالكلمة... كلمة.. قصدي القنبلة
      و النص نص نص .. و الصغير ما نعرفوش (أقسم بالله ما بعرف شو يعني بس متذكرها من أيام الدواوين و هيك)

      احظرها.. بس بالعقل! (على رأي شادية) .. بس ما تلهيك عن البيبرز .. أيوااااااا
      كلو إلا البايبرز

      he replies ,,, he scoooooooooooooooooores

    2. يا زلمه وبعدين معك؟!؟!؟
      انتا بدك اتجيبلي شلل أطفال بأصبع إجري الزغير!!!
      اتبعثرش اجوبتك هيك .. وتيجي تقلك رديت!
      بعدين بيبرز في عينك .. واحد غيران وحسدان وحمدان .. وعينك ضيييييييقه
      أحداق العيون؟ هي هي هي هيييييء .. أموت أنا؟! (اسأل أبو زينه بشرحلك شو يعني)
      لا تيجيش عالصحرا .. خليك تحت الصفر أحسن u___u
      وك يا هبيله .. دم قلبنا يتمثل بالدعم المعنوي والذهني والفكري .. عشان ترفع راصنا (بين العربان) .. بس عالعموم بينت ع حقيقتك .. مادي وانتهازي و تسلقي (حلوة تسلقي هاي تحكيش)
      مراقع فقس تعبير مشهور .. حتى اسأل مشهور .. :صفيره:
      هاءااااااااو .. "أيام الدواوين" .. أيون أيون أظهر وبان يا أبو سنان .. الرصيفه وما أدراك ما الرصيفه ..
      ذا بول إز إن يور كورت ناو .. يا رايس ..

    3. سمعت عنه عشرطعشر مره و ولا مره اثار فضولي اني احضره مش عارفه ليش
      و بعد ...لحظه اروح ﺍﻗﺮﺃﻫﺎ ...اه مراقع فقس فااااااا اصراري زاد على تطنيش الموضوع و تكملة حلقات جودي ابوت و صاحب الظل الطويل :)

      صديقي عبد.. احييك و اشد على ايدك :)

    4. ويسبر تظلكيش تهويلي .. انتي عارفه اني طايش نحو الشيشاني خلقه .. بس حرام بديش ازودها عليه .. بلاش يصير يفكر اني بكرهه .. لا سمح الله يعني .. :صفيره مع سميرك:

    5. جودي أبوت! إيييييييييييه

      ترا بالآخر بتموت .. خخخخخخخخخخخ
      كووز: يعني اسمك كووز.. بكفيك!

  2. wallah y3ny I watched from 0600 and onward and did not find it interesting, of course everyone wants to be happy and will work for it, and if that means following a certain life style so be it
    If you don't want this then simply stop doing it
    We as humans tend to follow a routine or order and it is only normal to adopt a life style that achieves your goals of happiness

    PS: I think this "documentary" is pure crap

  3. "
    We as humans tend to follow a routine or order and it is only normal to adopt a life style that achieves your goals of happiness
    = that is 1 of the things that the series is challenging (in lack of a better word!)
    it`s not an eye-opener OR a holistic praxis‎
    that shall turn lives around in a heartbeat; it`s just introducing a perspective, nothing more, but then again, nothing less -too-! :)

    I think it`s sort of a commotion to label it pure crap by watching 4 minutes of it!

    it`s safe to say that -for a little while- it took the utube community (at least) by storm

    1. Actually, I watched it whole before

    2. please don`t get me wrong rain, but u had to watch it all to decide it`s PURE crap?

    3. tayeb I am saying that I watched it all lol

    4. tayyib listen; after u saw it, were u like:

      a) ok, I knew all that, so what?
      b) it was fun, kinda`, but back to reality now. Besides, they r
      promoting the very same things they r opposing
      c) it`s worth a shot to -selectively- try to go through a change
      programme as they (hint)

      I`m serious 3a fikra! :)
      Those were merely the 3 consolidated thoughts that I encountered.

    5. Well I remember my brother came home one day and was very excited about it, he got me excited as well so I decided to watch it, and I clearly remember that it was extremely repetitive and boring

      First I thought it was too melodramatic and trying to incite feelings,the music itself was a pathetic dramatic addition and it just provoked me anyway, and I am not arrogant but I'm not that easily impressed
      then I was like "This is messed up = paranoid" and it really ended up making me laugh some times, I really hate to see something like this associated to Islam, it really makes us look stupid
      it is not academic, it is not based on scientific research, it is not reliable, it has no real references and it is somewhat childish

      and taking scenes from movies and stand up comedies? seriously?
      and talk about the irony that they are trying to convince you with all these "theories", and at the same time trying to tell you that all you ever have known is wrong, why should they be any different then?isn't that an attempt to brainwash us too? or is that only forbidden for others? why the hell should we believe them?1
      and last but not least, a very smart person once said that there are three categories of people: The biggest category comprises those who are led but have no clue that they are, the second those who know they are led but do not know who leads them, and third those who lead
      I am not naive and I know things that we don't know are happening all the time, but the documentary just seems like it was made by someone who fled a mental institution
      People walk in herds and do the same stuff and hardly ever think, but that's not because someone is plotting a conspiracy against them, it's because they're stupid

      Anyway this was not my point, I was just trying to make you feel better, it is not abnormal or wrong to try to pursue a certain life style, on the contrary you should be thankful you got the chance to try to be happy, and you're a smart person, and the fact that you think about this means that you are not blindly walking within a herd and that you are educated enough to make your own choices, don't you think?

    6. That`s exactly what I meant by (selectivity) , I mean in watching it (or any other propaganda).
      What was -also- interesting is to see how the immense reaction of viewers! It was crazy, like some people were 100% asleep and found a calling (I think that segment were lying to themselves), others starting to attack the series and labeling it as a (me-too) medium, others mocking just for the sake of it, etc ..
      But still, it gained a lot of attention.
      I hated the music too, and the intrusions from movies and whatever were not in order (order! :P)
      I admit I totally misunderstood yr 1st reply! (always interesting how the written word goes waaaaaaaay off!) but as u mentioned that u`ve watched it, well, I began to get where r u coming from (Jordan, correct? :D)
      I would watch it in some 6-7 years time -I guess- and see how my retrospect reflection will be :)

    7. I`m just imagining how u (might) reply to the other clip I`m intending to post

    8. 7asset innak misunderstood lol
      should I say allah yostor?1

  4. I started today watching the series,
    however it doesn't get to my mind yet but I don't know how this is going to end !!

    1. It`s not (interesting) in the nominal way -if there`s such a thing!- but for me and after re-watching it I guess I began to -better- connect the dots, and apply some change(s) in my life