24 Sep 2012


If it hurts this hard each and every time, from the 1st  time onward, it must mean that the hurt has reached its peak and just remained there, till further notice, a notice that shall certainly not come!


  1. if i understand you correctly ..
    the pain usually eases with time ..

    let the time pass, and let your pain be absorbed with achievements ..

    good luck brother ..

  2. Wow , You Hit The Peak From The 1st Time
    I Will Be Waiting That Notice With You Enshalla, It Shall Come

  3. كل مره بنفكر انا وصلنا لقمة الالم الضربه اللي وراها بتأكدلنا انه لا لسا في اكتر

    وكل مره بنستحمل لانا بنفكر انه ما في اكتر من هيك و انا جربنا الاصعب خلص بنتفاجأ ان في اكثر و اانا لسا بنتحمل اكتر

    و حنضلنا نتحمل...فما تستنى
    عيش وكمل و لا تطلع ﻭﺭﺍﻙ

    ممكن ما اله دخل كلامي...
    this is a note for myself :)

  4. kooz, abu zaina, nana:

    thx 4 yr comments.
    just to be clear; I wrote this entry BEFORE our move to Scotland :)
    it was automated and I totally forgot bwt it

    but still I think it relates to me whilst here


    u r right, a side point I wanted to highlight is = time is NOT always a healer, it eases it but it`s still there!

    hopefully those kinds of pain r rare in one`s life cause otherwise one might easily break-down and just give up

    I shall await f that too! Hope I / we will recognize it once it "hits" us :)



    on the contrary, I find what u said totally resonates, I saw it as a follow up to the post, maybe?

    as in pain = yes
    but (hope) is there -too-

    so no clinging to the past and sit / live there, rather, move to the future, put a forward gear


    I thank you all again